Enduring Powers of Attorney Assistant

Welcome to the web based version of the EPA Generator CD distributed by the Law Society of Ireland in 2006.

Why Online?

While the original application has proved very convenient in assisting practitioners in the production of the very specialised documents required by the Wards of Court Office for Execution and Registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney, the application was written 6 years ago and does not take advantage of more up to date technology. Specifically, the original application is known not to work on Windows 7 and above.

Being online, the application can be accessed from anywhere the practitioner wishes as opposed to being tied to a specific PC or office network.

The web application will be fully supported, including enhancements, for the period of use.

All future legislation will be incorporated into the application when passed.

Where will it work?

The application will work on any standards compliant web browser with JavaScript support. Tested browsers include current versions of:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 9 and 10
  • Opera

This means that the application can be used on any operating system capable of supporting a modern web browser including all current versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS.

The application can also be used on iPad and Android tablets and (if your eyes are good!) smartphones. This allows practitioners to capture details remotely when they are out of the office

How to proceed

The application is exclusively for the use of practicing solicitors who are members of the Law Society of Ireland.

Consequently there is a registration process where membership of the Law Society of Ireland will be verified.

You can access the Registration form from the menu above .

Registration involves no obligation on your part to use the system so why not register and try out the system? We're confident you'll find it useful